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Browse through the games we’ve created along with our super-popular Minecraft servers and projects.

A space-age version of Minecraft Factions - The biggest, longest running, most competitive factions network!

Join other Cosmic inmates and mine your way out of our Prisons server. Play for free now!

A "super-server", competitive and automation focused version of Minecraft Skyblock. Unlimited slots, 50 day maps.

Our first Roblox game! Fight through mobs arena style while gaining abilities and skills to battle others!

Take to the stars and explore a brand new cosmic universe! Available now on iOS and Android!

Christmas Hunt Crate

Our latest Cosmic event is happening now. Our events span all of our games for a limited time. Jump in and see what the Christmas Hunt!

Cosmic Jobs

We're always on the lookout for talented individuals looking for roles in the gaming world.