The team

Rob Latsky

Rob, while living in Toronto for the last 6 years, has filled his time with sports, travel, concerts, and exploring dive bars, while never letting his undying passion for video games fade. The intricacies of game design have always interested Rob, and so thousands of hours of video games of all genres and a deep desire to explore the new age of entertainment has led him to the creation and success of his two gaming channel on YouTube and Twitch, and now Cosmic Games.

Tony Uckun

Tony is a highly experienced business leader and IT professional that has worked at all levels of application and game development including engine design, performance auditing, system administration, regression, and user acceptance testing. Tony excels most at polymorphic system and AI development, and has always been passionate about creating unique and engaging worlds for players to escape into and explore.

Preston Arsement

Preston is a Texas based multi media giant. Boasting so many successful YouTube channels he does not even have the time to write this bio. So Robert is doing it instead.

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