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Become the Ultimate Hero

Battle Mobs & Journey the Realms

A Hero Rises

Smash and fight your way through corrupt kingdoms, secret layers and mobs to become a true Cosmic Hero. Discover rare gear, abilities and items to increase your power level to take on tough opponents!

  • Map Icon Custom mobs and objectives in every zone!
  • Skull Icon Unlock and use dozens of special Abilities
  • Sword Icon Discover legendary items and abilities and become UNSTOPPABLE!
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Build Your Power

Every piece of armor and weaponry comes with a built-in power level. Collect and build up your power with the rarest armor and weapons to take on high-level mobs and bosses. Destroy anyone who dares stand in your way!

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Skull Icon

Bring on

the Mobs

The most powerful abilities and items are locked behind the fiercest enemies. Slay your way through tons of unique enemies to take back the power and become the ultimate Cosmic Hero!

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Guard with dog


the World

Discover and explore the sprawling areas and landscapes of the Heroes world. Tons of unique and explorable places for you to journey through and experience.

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Cosmic Heroes

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