Cosmic Games Community Update #1

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Cosmic Sky: New Age

Greetings, Cosmonauts! What a week it has been. All three Cosmic servers were bumping! We had 6,000+  concurrent players across our servers over a beautiful memorial day weekend as we remembered and honored those who have fallen.

We’d like to start off by highlighting the release of Cosmic Sky Map #2! The highly anticipated version 2.0 of Cosmic Sky popped up on our servers all over the world on May 24th. The Pack and PetezahHutt began their journey as they explored the Cosmic Sky that you love plus brand new features like island ratings, player portals, inventory pets, and farming quotas. Make sure to follow their social accounts to stay up-to-date on their journeys and hop on to play with them when you can! Before we talk about just how darn amazing this week has already been, lets take a look back at Cosmic Sky Map #1 (we’ll miss you…)

50,000 unique players
– Peak of 2,500 players on ONE Skyblock server at the same time (shoutout to our devs and our super server…)
35,000+ unique islands

Not surprisingly, Map #1 ended with a BANG! Lava and TNT were used, in our opinion, pErFECtlY!

To all of our admins, volunteers and of course the players who make up the unbelievable Cosmic community, we want to say THANK YOU! We can’t wait to see what Map #2 has in store…

Not surprisingly, Cosmic Sky Map #2 is off to a truly epic start in just one week…

65,000 unique players
– Peak of 3,500 players on ONE Skyblock server at the same time (shout out to our devs and our super server again…)
25,000+ unique islands
13,791,608 total minutes played by our community since Map #2 launched

If you haven’t had a chance to check out version 2.0, make sure to head over to our forums to stay up to date with everything and anything Cosmic Sky related.

That’s all folks! Thanks again and stay tuned for much more from Cosmic Games.


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